Deva yoga shala is a space dedicated to self-knowledge. Our basis is ashtanga yoga taught in a traditional way according to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Ashtanga yoga is a method consisting in synchronizing both breathing and different physical moves aiming the detox of muscles and internal organs.
It´s a tool very useful on day to day basis because with the practice you can reach a peaceful mind and reducing stress and ansiety

We want to welcome all those who want to learn and practice yoga whether they are children, young people, seniors, families, beginners, pregnant women...

Our mission is to create a calm and relaxed environment in which you can find the comfort to connect with your inner self.

Mamen Ruíz

Ana Mayrata

Helena Serra

After several trips to India and Nepal and having tried different disciplines of yoga she started to practice ashtanga with her teacher Pepe Mas.

Since 2015she has been combining her daily practice of this style of yoga with shiné meditation, making these a way of life and adapting it to her family.

In 2015 she found her teacher Pepe Mas after wanting to end a stage in his life. A daily ashtanga practice added to the study of a course of miracles were the tools to forge more self-confidence.

Her love for yoga has led to several courses and workshops with different teachers.

IHelena is a devoted and compromised Ashtanga yoga practicioner.

She has a daily asana practice, following her teacher guidance and she studies the other 7 limbs of yoga in the classic books aiming to have a pure ashtanga lifestyle.



Carrer del Marquès de la Sènia, 44
07014 Palma
Illes Balears


(+34) 649 299 288


The monthly fee must be paid between the 1st and 5th of the month.
If you have any problem with the payment, do not hesitate to talk to us.

You can make payment by card, wire transfer and cash

IBAN ES89 0081 0609 8400 0160 6764


Monthly Unlimited (morning and afternoon): 100 €

Beginners Monthly Unlimited (fisrt month): 85 €

3 days per week (only afternoon) : 85 €


5 classes : 60 € (valid 4 weeks)

10 classes : 100 € (valid for 6 weeks)

Drop in: 15 €


2 days a week: 40 €

Bonus 5 classes: 30 €

Bonus 8 classes: 45 €


Single class: 15 €

Bonus 5 classes: 60 €

If you are unable to meet the shala fees but want to learn yoga with us dont hesitate to contact us.


On new and full moon there is no practice so the shala will remain close.